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Nick Larson | Owner

Nick Larson

Director | Cinematographer

Nick Larson is a director and photographer based in the Bay Area. He specializes in video, photo, and social media. Projects have included weddings, music videos, documentaries, brand promotion, sports, travel, etc.

After being born and raised in the Bay Area, Nick spent the last four years getting his BA in journalism at the University of Nevada Reno(UNR). This is where he found his passion for capturing moments and telling stories with his camera. At UNR, Nick participated in many video and photo projects while also receiving a minor in Cinema and Media Studies. 

In 2019, the short documentary Dreamer - Boxing For DACA won The Vincentian International Prize for Social Impact at the Big Shoulders International Student Film Festival. Nick co-directed, filmed, and edited the documentary.

Since graduating from UNR, Nick moved back to the Bay Area and has been building his video production business since 2019.

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